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"Pleasure Seeking Behavior"
"Pleasure Seeking Behavior"
"Pleasure Seeking Behavior"
"Pleasure Seeking Behavior"

"Pleasure Seeking Behavior"

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About the artwork:

The series is an extension of ongoing visual journal experiments with an emphasis on the culmination of experiences and artistic experiments and projects throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

By connecting seemingly unimportant words, questions, symbols, and visual elements, each final arrangement becomes significant in better recognizing and understanding my psyche.

Within my artworks, evocative text and visual elements are utilized. This process and discovery behind creating acknowledge the impact that seemingly meaningless, disparate concepts have on personal development, as well as the multi-layered, intersecting nature of the human psyche. The act of manipulating and arranging these elements echo the catharsis associated with accepting the full spectrum of emotion.

See more of Antonio's work here.

Product details:

Print Material: 300gsm woven art canvas with a glossy, stain-resistant protective coating. 

Print Ink: 100% biodegradable eco-solvent ink; ecologically safe and does not use any harmful ingredients.

Print Finish: Semi-glossy, stain-resistant protective coating.

Frame: The canvas is stretched on a 1.25" thick, full-wooden frame, giving it a gallery-like look.

About Antonio Pastoriza:

Antonio Pastoriza is a 23-year-old Cebuano visual artist and AB-Psychology graduate from De La Salle University (DLSU), Manila.

In DLSU, Antonio was an Art Staffer for the Malate Literary Folio where his artworks have been published and awarded. He has also been a part of various group exhibitions with Filipino galleries including Mono8 Gallery (Manila), Arte Bettina (Makati), & Qube Gallery (Cebu).

He regularly participates in art competitions and was recently a semi-finalist at the (MADE) Metrobank Art & Design Excellence 2019.

Currently, Antonio focuses on developing his artistic practice through regular participation in exhibitions, competitions, and other projects throughout the local art community.