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"Escuchar 2"
"Escuchar 2"
"Escuchar 2"

"Escuchar 2"

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About the artwork:

A traditional portrait sketch, made with Mars Lumograph graphite pencils on Canson sketching paper, that began as a self portrait but instead became a representation of what the artist wished to look like. “Escuchar” which means “Listen” in Spanish is meant to embody what it means to listen to one’s self; to finally view yourself in contentment. This piece is meant to represent acceptance of one’s self image and was meant to depict how you should look in the mirror.

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Product details:

Print: Digital print on 270gsm ultra-fine matte paper

Frame: Prints are enclosed in glass, 1" matting and a 1/2" light wood frame; with hooks attached. No string or wire.

Small Artwork Size: 6" x 9"
Size with Frame: 8" x 11"

Medium Artwork Size: 8" x 12" 
Size with Frame: 10" x 14"

*Note: Actually colors may differ slightly, due to display vs. printer settings.

About Kat Villapol:

Kathleen Ann Villapol is a traditional artist, budding illustrator, and future Civil Engineer. She wishes to convey that there is art to science and engineering through her architectural style paintings and sketches, and to prove that there is also a science to art through realism in her watercolor portraits and sketches on human anatomy. Her art is often realistic, pseudo-realistic, and architectural; with the exception of her personal cartoon digital illustrations. Having no formal training, she was forced to self-teach the various mediums and intends to experiment with oil and acrylic painting in the near future.