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Collection: Ivy Pangilinan

Ivy Pangilinan is a Filipina visual artist and graphic designer. She began her career in 2011 as an advertising art director, transitioned in 2015 as a freelance designer working with clients both local and international, and only intentionally began her art practice as a painter in early 2017.

As a self-taught creative, her practice is inspired by the natural world, spirituality, and the vibrancy of life. Currently, her work is defined by two main languages — color and contrasts. Color that seeks to convey raw emotions and stories by raising intrigue through an exploration in hue combinations; contrasts that are expressed through the juxtaposition of smooth layers and textured marks, thick solid strokes and thin wobbly scratches, realism and abstraction, the rules of design and the freedom of painting. Overall, it's a visual story that speaks of intuitive balance. The pursuit of an ever-evolving artistic voice, as well as personal and spiritual growth are of utmost importance to her.

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