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"Gardens of Paradise"
"Gardens of Paradise"
"Gardens of Paradise"

"Gardens of Paradise"

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About the artwork:

This piece was inspired by Michelle’s travels to Spain, Morocco and Portugal, walking through the paradise gardens from Islamic lands of the past.  She  has included water, trees, fountains, tiles and foliage in abstract format.  You look at it and imagine yourself unwinding, meditating,  and finding peace.

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Product details:

Print Material: 300gsm woven art canvas with a glossy, stain-resistant protective coating. 

Print Ink: 100% biodegradable eco-solvent ink; ecologically safe and does not use any harmful ingredients.

Print Finish: Semi-glossy, stain-resistant protective coating.

Frame: The canvas is stretched over a 0.75" thick, full-wooden frame, giving it a gallery-like look.

*Note: Actually colors may differ slightly, due to display vs. printer settings.

About Michelle Mejia:

London based artist, Michelle is fascinated by patterns, nature, shapes, colour and anything quirky and out of the ordinary.  Her art is a mixture of Islamic geometry combined with the contemporary techniques of today, whilst honouring the traditions of the old.  Themes of inspiration involve biomorphs, nature, cosmos, incorporated into dots, paintings and fine line drawings.  

Michelle believes that Islamic art is open to all interpretations, and fundamentally, connects the boundaries, keeping a contemporary twist, whilst adding modernity.  The paintings and drawings created try to convey the feeling of ‘falling in’, showing depth and aerial perspective into most of the pieces created.

When not at home creating art,  working or doing yoga, she can mainly be found in an art gallery, museum or park in London, looking at (more) art and other sources of inspiration.

Follow Michelle Mejia on Instagram @elab.aureate, and join her on her journey, and meanderings on life as she shares with you what she sees through her eyes.