#ArtdropSpotlight | Jappy Agoncillo

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#ArtdropSpotlight | Jappy Agoncillo

When talking about muralists in the local art scene, the name 'Jappy Agoncillo' is sure to come up. You've probably seen one of his masterpieces along the streets of Metro Manila, and maybe even in New York or LA - they're colorful, vibrant, dynamic and absolutely amazing. If you're new to his works, seeing them might remind you of classic comic books or 1950's pop art; but if you're one of the many who have followed his growth as an artist, you'll be able to spot a Jappy Agoncillo piece from a mile away.

Jappy has not only succeeded at establishing a signature style but, he's also been a walking reminder of the importance of showing up and working hard for your dreams.

This week on #ArtdropSpotlight, Jappy talks about the things that have been keeping him creative and driven over the past few weeks in quarantine - and by the looks of it, there's a whole lot to look forward to when it comes to his budding career.

Jappy's vibrant murals at the Shake Shack BGC. Photo from Jappy Agoncillo Online.

What were you working on prior to the lockdown? How has the all this affected your practice as an artist?
"How has all this affected your practice as an artist? Before the lockdown, I had a good number of projects on the horizon, I was working on a few mural commissions and preparing/negotiating for a few more. You could say things were going smoothly before all this happened. After the Pandemic, of course projects had to be put on hold, some even cancelled. While understandable and very much necessary, as a person who relies on projects to make a living, it was tough to accept."
What is your routine like these days?

"I try to wake up early each day, as if there was something I need to get done. I try to start every day with intention and to be deliberate in my actions, because in the day to day of staying at home, anxious with the situation, it doesn’t help to not have a game plan each day. I set my goals out one by one and try my best to accomplish them all within the day; things like working out, reading, doing something productive, and learning something new."

A simple quarantine project that inspired many. Photos from Jappy Agoncillo Online.

Have you been working on new projects, collections or pieces while in lockdown? Any other venues where we can support you? 

"As for projects, I’ve mostly been working on developing my personal work, my style and trying new things. I’ve gone back to painting in gouache, which is my favorite painting medium and I’m happy I get to play around with it again."

"I’m feeling a lot like I did when I started out, that is, I’m just making things regardless, and that feels good."

"Other than that, I started my own Sunday art talk show, Jappy Days! I do these on IG live, and post the episodes to IGTV after so people can rewatch. It’s just something fun I like to do. Its part educational, part comedy, part hanging out. I talk about topics that aspiring artists like to ask me frequently, and try to help them achieve what they want to go after. I’m in no way remotely qualified to be teaching people, but its my way of giving back, of being for them what I needed when I started out: a guide. I will also start guesting artists soon and hoping to move this to Youtube if it works out."


Preview of the artist's newly launched website. Photo from Jappy Agoncillo Online.

Jappy says he takes things day by day, much like everyone else in this situation. "There’s no way around it, the situation is going to be this way for a while. But I hold on to the fact that each day is another chance to grow, to be better than who you were yesterday."

With a new website and weekly live show, it's quite an exciting time for him. These are new platforms in which he shares lessons he's learned in his journey, encouraging new artists and his fellow creatives in so many ways. Jappy Agoncillo is a walking reminder of how important is to show up and work hard - and we're so excited to witness how much further these values will take him.


See more of Jappy's work on Artdrop here. To contact Jappy directly, visit his website or check out his work on Instagram.

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