#ArtdropSpotlight | Evanna Chan

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#ArtdropSpotlight | Evanna Chan


Art evolves. While it's important to protect and preserve traditional media, it is equally important to embrace changes and explore new possibilities in art. With all the new digital tools and software options available to creatives today, incredible new forms of digital art have emerged - including the amazing psychedelic collage art style of Evanna Chan.

Prior to building a massive online presence for her own surrealist art, as well as the works of thousands of other artists worldwide, this wonder woman has explored the art industry from many different angles - from doing marketing for art brands and doing design consultations for businesses, to teaching art therapy workshops and speaking at various youth engagements. It's safe to say that Eva has found that sweet spot in her practice - that intersection between what you're good at and what you're passionate about. Because through her brand, she not only shares her amazing creations, she also empowers others to "see the world through rainbow-colored glasses."

This week on #ArtdropSpotlight, we finally get to know Eva, the brains behind these surrealist artworks, as she expresses her passions, frustrations, recent musings and lessons from the first half of the year.
Some of the Artist's amazing collage work. Photo from @itsonlynirvanna on Instagram.


First things first, we love your work. Could you share a little bit about how you started? What led you to this specific medium and style? 

"I specialize in surrealist art. I discovered my inclination to surrealism in college, when I couldn’t draw anatomy or landscape for the life of me. So here we are, some years later, creating both traditional and digital art of places and people that only exist in our minds.

It has been my greatest pleasure to give people a piece of nirvana every time I create. My art is an atmosphere that you can only find when you learn to let go of structure and constructs of the world we live in."

"It’s a very liberating experience to only have your imagination as your reference point."

Many of us had different plans for 2020. What are some of the things that didn't happen for you because of the pandemic/lockdown?

"My TED talk for sure. I was gutted about that for a whole month what felt like. Looking back at it now, the Talk being postponed was for the best. I realized through this pandemic that I have so much more to learn about myself, my art, and my capabilities as an artist, as a businesswoman, as a daughter, and my role in our community. All of which could greatly contribute to the ideas I can impart on our Filipino youth this time next year.".


See more of Eva's work at artdrop.shop/eva.


Walk us through your general routine.

"My general routine… I rise by 7am, create art, work on commission pieces (when I have them), take a walk, skip rope, tend to my plants, clean my space, breathe, spend time with my family, talk to my friends, check in with myself."

"These tasks of course vary, but at the end of the day I think I am okay because I choose to spend my days with intention and gratitude in spite of everything."

We'd love for people to see the more human side of our artists. Any guilty pleasures this quarantine - or - which lockdown trends did you try out for yourself?

"Plant parenting (to the max) for sure! I’ve grown a jungle in my art studio and I couldn’t be happier living and learning with nature now more than ever!"


Artwork in Photo, "Dreams of Disneyland" by Eva. See more at artdrop.shop/eva. 


What's it like working during this season? Do you experience and struggles or creative blocks? What inspires you?

"I’ve been connecting with other artists around the world and that’s been inspiring me lately. I did have a crazy creative block when this all started. At first I would force myself to sit in front of my laptop for two to four hours and not allow myself to leave until I created something good. Needless to say, I was hard on myself at first."

"Looking back, I just needed a new strategy to cope. I’ve let go of all my fears and failures and I’ve been creating so much more genuine art from it. For that I am grateful."

"I think this season *most importantly* taught me how to work with myself and that, I find, is the most fulfilling work I’ve done for my career."


Lastly, what is this year teaching you? Any themes or lessons you want to take with you as you enter the second half of the year?

"Let go."

"I have to admit that I am such a structured person in my every day. I plan my weeks in advance and I am not the biggest fan of surprises or spontaneity. But these days, I’ve been feeling extremely free, level-headed and open minded. It’s refreshing to have the goal my art wishes to achieve and my reality in sync with each other, finally. With these lessons we’ve all learned through the first half of 2020, I am only optimistic that we can turn this year around — together."


See more of Eva's work on Artdrop here. To contact Ketch directly, check her work on Instagram.

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