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8 Platforms that Support Filipino Creatives


"Dyipne" by Karl So, a digital illustration that depicts moving forward as a community


The Philippine art scene is thriving! The work of creatives, whether it be in the field of art, film, music, and the like, serve as reflections of who we are as people, as a community. They express our individual emotions and struggles, as well as what we collectively experience. Their work also serves as a source of hope and inspiration for the days to come.

There are a number of ways that you can support local creatives yourselves and one is to get involved with different platforms that share this advocacy. That said, we listed 8 platforms that we love and that love supporting Filipino creatives!

1.  Ladies, Wine & Design Manila (LW&D)

Did you know that only a few creative directors are women and non-binary? LW&D is an organization committed to creating a space for everyone in the art and design industry. They usually host creative talks, artist features, and portfolio reviews - with drinks of course! While we miss their in-person gatherings, LW&D can easily be accessed online. Now’s the time to take up space and speak up. 

 2.  Art+ Magazine

One of the first publications dedicated to covering Philippine art, Art+ Magazine stands as the premier source of visual art news but has long since branched out to other disciplines of art such as music, theater, film, dance, food, and architecture. Art+ aims to bring the best of Philippine art and culture to the world and encourages us to collect both art and experience.

3.  Art-list.com
If you want to get acquainted with the art of the times, you can visit art-list.com, an online gallery and digital guide that carefully curates a selection of contemporary artworks for people from all over the world to enjoy! You can check their socials for features and updates on the Philippine contemporary art scene!

4.  Tagaytay Art Beat
If art is how we decorate space, then music is how we decorate time. Tagaytay Art Beat brings together art and music in a unique culminating event with live murals, exhibits, and concerts featuring Filipino artists and musicians. Sadly, this year’s event has been postponed for safety reasons. We look forward to the day we can hang out at Museo Orlina till sunrise and sing along to OPM with the beauty of art around us.

5.  Shelter Fund
Shelter Fund is an online initiative that supports local artists and photographers through art print sales! An incredible example of #ArtistsSupportingArtists, Shelter Fund has decided to contribute a part of their sales to a communal fund for their artist pool, making sure everyone benefits from the generosity of their buyers. 

6.  And Whatnot PH
And Whatnot PH is a creative curation of everything local! It strives to be the go-to for discovering new things and sharing them with others. Daily affirmations, local business collabs, recommendations, artist features, and advocacy partnerships are just some of its efforts to spread positivity and inspire creativity. Fun fact? The whole project is run by an incredible one-woman team! 

 7.  The Design Kids Manila (TDK)
The art and design industry can be a little confusing but with a solid support group like The Design Kids, you can discover a career in creatives. TDK is an online resource and offline community that aims to educate, inspire, and connect artists and graphic designers in the industry. TDK features artist interviews, job postings, resource blog, and competitions that might just pique your interest.

8.  Artdrop
Artdrop is a platform that connects Filipino artists to art enthusiasts everywhere. We produce limited edition canvas prints of their work, making exclusive art more affordable and accessible than ever. Our mission is to #SupportFilipinoArtists and get more people to do the same.

Creatives make more than just pretty things. They lend an image to profound experiences and advocacies, and they simply make the world a better place. That is why it’s important to support them, and that’s why we’re grateful for all the platforms that share this vision. By building a culture of compassion and support for one another, we’ll be able to move mountains and ensure that our local creatives are able to do what they were made to do.
Written by Cate Cue, Artdrop Creatives Team
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