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7 Tips for Your Perfect Gallery Wall

A blank wall might be clean and refreshing for some people or empty and intimidating for others. Either way, it might be a good idea to add a personal touch in your space. You can hang a subtle print or deck your wall with a sprawling collection of art. Before you start though, here are some tips you should keep in mind before decorating your wall with art: 

1. Understand your space.

First thing you need to consider is where your space is. Are you decorating a central wall or a corner in the room? Knowing the size and location of the space can help you determine a lot of things such as the purpose, the layout, the color scheme, and the overall vibe that you want your art collection to bring to the space.

2. Think about your theme.

Different artworks evoke different emotions. Themes are not always necessary but do try to figure out the general feeling you want your decor to give the space. Whether you want to hang up your collection of art or mix it with personal photos, the point of decorating your wall is to make you happy and satisfied whenever you see it.

3. Layout your artworks.

On a more technical note, you’ll need to know how big or small your pieces are. Take into consideration the size of the space and how your artworks will break it up. You can find a focal point and place the artworks around them symmetrically, or you can veer away from that and arrange them asymmetrically. Either way, measuring and laying them out first will help you avoid permanent mistakes!

4. Consider a color palette.

When you’re decorating your wall, look around your room and see if there are some colors that stand out! It might reflect the mood and style that you wanted to have in the first place and help you decide on the pieces that you can place around your room.

5. Figure out your frame options.

Framing can be considered an art in itself – it can make or break the artwork! That said, select frames that accentuate the artwork instead of overpowering it! The overall look will also differ, based on the kind of frames you use – matching frames for a polished look or varying frames for an eclectic look.

6. Mount your artworks properly.

Whether you're drilling into your walls or purchasing hooks from the hardware store, make sure you hang up your pieces with care and caution! Some artworks might be durable while some less so. Either way, these are pieces that serve as an extension of your personality!

7. Have fun!

Try not to overthink this! Remember that your space is an extension of yourself and that your wall should reflect your personal touch. Keep your decorations fun and organic, something you know you’ll enjoy looking at until the next time you redecorate!

A blank wall means a fresh start, a new beginning where the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity flow and your personality show with a little help from Artdrop, where each piece of art is a limited edition canvas print — easy to hang and available in different sizes and price points to suit your space.

Still need help? Email kara@artdrop.shop to request for a recommendation!

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