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7 Podcasts to Boost your Creative Practice



2020 is coming to an end but, it’s not too late to learn something new! The conversation on art and creativity continues with even more diverse voices joining the fray. With all the information available to us these days, it’s easy to get started.

There’s something to be missed in meeting and connecting with creative people face to face, but we can still invite creativity into our lives by tuning out of digital noise once in a while and tuning into podcasts on art and design. Here’s a few for you to jump into!


The Purposeful Creative
Art is a journey of discovery and creativity. For Arriane Serafico, the key to a meaningful life is to approach it as a creative process in itself. In her podcast, she creates a positive space to explore design thinking, entrepreneurship, and passion in the context of her life.


Creative Pep Talk
We all need a good pep talk every once in a while! Andy J. Miller, the host of the Creative Pep Talk, does that and more. The funny yet insightful monologues and anecdotes from his life and career, as well as his fellow creatives, are encouragement for us to stay positive and unlock our own creative potential.

Kwentong Creatives
Here’s a new one by Gio Puyat, where he shares stories, strategies and lessons from leading Filipino creatives in different fields. Creative work here in the Philippines is challenging, so resources like this are valuable. There are only two episodes available right now but, we think you should be on the lookout for what they have in store.

Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert
If you haven’t read her book, Big Magic, you should. Liz Gilbert explores ‘creative living beyond fear’ in this book that could very well be every creative’s bible. The ‘Magic Lessons’ podcast is where she chose to continue sharing even more about the topic, through insightful creative conversations. You’ll find all episodes right here.

The Ground Up Show by Matt D’Avella
Big changes start with small steps! Matt D’Avella, minimalist filmmaker and content creator, explores productive habits and mindsets that lead to a more meaningful and creative life through his stories and the many amazing people around him.

Clever: A Podcast About Design
Almost everything around us has been carefully designed. It’s not always something we notice or appreciate with our fast-paced lifestyle. Luckily, Amy Devers and Jaime Derringer put the spotlight on these creative and critical thinkers, as well as their personal insights.

Design Your Life
Although design and art differ in intent and functionality, both value creative thinking, something you can hear more about through Vince Frost and his featured guests. His key takeaway? Our life is the biggest project we will undertake!

Creativity goes beyond artistic expression and embeds itself into our daily life and decisions. Let yourself fall into the practice of creative thinking and see how your life and perspective can change for the better.


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