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7 Inspiring Talks to Jumpstart Your Creative Thinking

We’re going into quarantine again which means that we’ll be back within the confines of our homes (even though some of us never left). It might not be the ideal situation but we can certainly try to make the most out of it!

If you’re feeling anxious and you’re looking for a way to cope, we’ve picked out some of our favorite videos on positivity and creative thinking. After all, these are the skills of the future and if we want to find new solutions and see from better perspectives, we’re going to have to get creative!

  • How to Build Your Creative Confidence | David Kelley 

  • THE IDEA: We all have that fear of judgement, that anxiety that we’re not creative enough. For David Kelley, each one of us is naturally creative and through a series of small steps, our fears turn into familiarity which will help us overcome not just creative anxieties but anxieties tied to different aspects of our life. By doing so, we might be able to gain the confidence and the self-efficacy to achieve what we set out to do. It all leads to the courage to take new directions, to let ideas fly, and to make better decisions for our goals and our well-being!

  • The Power of Vulnerability | Brene Brown

  • THE IDEA: This one’s longer, but it’s great to listen to when you’re feeling down. Brene Brown dives deep into the concepts of shame and fear, both appearing to be at the core of vulnerability which manifests as the feeling of not being good enough. Strangely, joy, creativity, and connection stems from the same place - vulnerability and the ability to embrace it. We can’t feel one without the other and the truth is, we need to accept both to live wholeheartedly, to be more open, and to be kinder to ourselves and others.

  • How to Get Unstuck In Life (and Start Building Momentum) | Nathaniel Drew

  • THE IDEA: Here’s the thing: success is an evolving term, one that should have a definition that you develop for yourself. We always ask how we can be successful and, for Nathaniel Drew, success is the result of realizing your potential with the help of momentum and the compounding effect which means that our actions and decisions act like interest, whether you’re adding to it little by little or chipping away bit by bit. The good news is it’s something we can control through the belief that we can do better as well as sustained effort we put in through perseverance and grit, not just talent or luck.

  • The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers | Adam Grant 

  • THE IDEA: We’re all VERY familiar with procrastination, and while it is indeed a vice to productivity, it can be a virtue to creativity! Adam Grant has been studying a group of people he calls, “Originals.” He describes them as non-conformists, people who have new ideas and take action. Though they are quick to start, they are also challenged by doubts which lead them to further incubate and refine ideas. They can be slow to finish because the truly unique ideas often spring from a series of bad ones. So don’t count yourself out if you procrastinate. Simply, use the time to look at things in a new light!

  • A Powerful Way to Unleash Your Natural Creativity | Tim Harford 

  • THE IDEA: Is multitasking productive or counterintuitive? Tom Harford believes that having multiple projects at the same time and moving between them as the situation demands can be ideal, if done in slow motion. Instead of lapsing into this behavior out of desperation, we need to reclaim it as a means to look at new ideas from the context of a different project. Certain solutions can only be realized by posing entirely different questions and if you focus on one thing at the exclusion of everything else, you won’t find other possibilities and come out of it more stressed than ever.

  • Original Is Just A Remix of Old Ideas Presented In A New Way | The Futur

  • THE IDEA: What is innovative? What is new? Chris Do questions originality and creativity in terms of how new something is to the audience. It may not be new to the presenter, but it definitely is new to the audience (who haven’t seen it yet) which leads to another question, where is the audience looking at? We all have different sources of inspiration and sometimes, to be creative simply means to go where no one is looking and bring it back to the audience to rediscover the new in the old!

  • Steal Like An Artist | Austin Kleon

  • THE IDEA: Why not steal? Austin Kleon wants us to acknowledge 3 facts nothing is original, all creative work builds on what came before, every new idea is just a remix or a mash up of one of two previous ideas. We are a mash-up of what we bring into our lives and, as stated by Steve Jobs, we need to expose ourselves to the best things and bring them back to what we are trying to do. Austin calls this creative theft and encourages us to steal — not imitate but transform something to make it different or better and share with the world (so we can also steal from it too hehe).

    It’s not always easy to get creative at a time like this, but we hope that you give yourself the time and space to do things that keep you calm and grounded! We’re all doing our best to stay positive this year, so be kind to yourself and to the people around you who might be feeling the same anxieties!


    Written by Cate Cue, Artdrop Creatives Team

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